SEO Basics for 2014

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Welcome everybody, in this article I will look for an interesting topic that every beginner should know in order to get started with SEO.
Recently, the meaning of SEO is changing and it comes more complex, so, I will Clarify some points. Also in this article I will give you some tips to rank YouTube videos and I will give you big changes in the SEO (2014).
Very important:
  • Do not buy any SEO books which have been written before 2014 because it hasn't any value. also Do not try any Black SEO Strategies.
  • Content is the king ! : There is no SEO without good and useful content for internet audience.
  • Before start reading this article I'd like you to read this article : The Importance Of Search To A Marketer.
  • To get ranked fast you should post new content constantly.
 Organic search results :
 Organic search results are the primary product of a search engine. These
results are the listings generally found on the left hand side on the search
engine results pages (SERPs). They are not influenced by financial payment
and are therefore also called natural search results. According to statistics the Internet audience prefers organic results than paid search results.

Paid search results :
 Paid search, also known as Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, involves the
displaying of sponsored results alongside the organic results. Advertisers
bid for placement, and pay the search engine when their advert is clicked on.

 How Search engine See your website ? 
 Simply, Search engine rank your website depending on five imporatnt point:

1# Keywords & Key Phrases :
 This is the important steep in SEO there is no SEO without Keywords and Key Phrases. When a user enters a query on a search engine, she uses the words she thinks are relevant to her search. The search engine then returns those pages it believes are most relevant to the
words the searcher used.
As a website owner, or the marketer for a website, we need to build a list of
some of the terms our potential customers are likely to use to find the things
we are offering. There are a lot of tools to help you choosing your SEO Keywords and Key Phrases for example :

 There are five things to consider when choosing a keyword:
  •  Search volume : How many searchers are using that phrase to find what they want? I recommend you to see monthly estimated traffic and for beginners it should be between 3000 and 7000.
  • Competition : This is an important point it present the number of other websites out there are targeting that same key phrase or keyword.
  • Tendency : What is the likelihood that the searcher using that key phrase is going
    to convert on your site?
  • Value per lead: This is also an important point, so, you should know how to covert targeted traffic to a source of gain, for example, make your website traffic buy your product or click on the Ads.
  • Ability: if you choose a keyword or a key phrase you should be able to give the audience a good and useful content about this target keyword.
Where to put this keywords and key phrases ? :  Here are some guidelines:
  •  Title tag: use the key phrase in the title and as close to the beginning as possible.
  • H1 header tag: use the key phrase in the header tag, and as much as possible in the other H tags.
  • Body content: use the key phrase at least three times, more if there is a lot of content and it makes sense to. You should aim for about 350 words of content. But don’t overdo it! That could look like spam to the search engines.
  • Bold: use <strong> tags around the keyword at least once. 
  • URL: use a URL rewrite so that it appears in the URL of the page.
  • Meta description: use it at least once in the meta description of the page. It should  entice users to click through to your site from the SERP.
  • Link anchor text: try to ensure that the keyword is used in the anchor text of the pages linking to you.
  • Domain name: if possible, use the key phrase in your domain name.
2#  Optimising media : 

Here are some tips to optimise media with key phrases for SEO:
  • Use descriptive filenames.
  • Use specific ALT tags and Title attributes for images.
  • Meta information can be supplied in the image or video file. Make sure this information   is relevant.
  • Use descriptive captions, and keep relevant copy close to the relevant media.
  • Make sure the header tags and images are relevant to each other.
  • For video, consider converting the script to text and making this available to search engines. YouTube offers an autocaptioning service that makes this easier to do.
How to produce a good content for your site?:
 That's an interesting question! I will show you some ways to get a good and valuable content for your website :
  •  Videos : Yes! You can get content from watching videos then write your article basing on those videos.
  • Online Magazines: this is the best for me as well as known online magazines are everyday updated so, that will give you a fresh content.
  • Rewriting: You can rewrite articles and append your own data.
  • Ask Professionals .
SEO on page optimization :
 read this article : SEO on page optimization .
 SEO off page optimization:
 Nowadays, this point is not very important, but, links are a vital part of how the Internet works. The purpose of a link is to allow a user to go from one web page to another. Search engines, doing their best to mimic the behavior of humans, also follow links. These are some features of links :
  •  Links help send signals of trust.
  • Links help to validate relevance. 
There is a lot more information that can be included in this anatomy, such as instructions telling the search engine not to follow the link, or instructions to the browser as to whether the link should open in a new window or not.
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Anchor Text</a>
rel=”nofollow” can be included in links when you don’t want to vouch for the target URL. Search engines do not count nofollow links for ranking purposes. It was introduced by Google to try to combat comment spam.
How does a website get more links?
  At this point, there are two possibilities the first is to build backlinks yourself and the second is to make other websites build backlinks without any Intervention (honest backlinks).
 I prefer the second one and the list below is some tips to get these kind of links:
  1. Creating excellent, valuable content that others want to read.
  2. Create tools and documents that others want to use.
  3. Build your own Software and widgets which people love to use.
  4. Build you own mobile application.
 Social and Search
 Social information is playing an ever increasing role in search. Social content,
such as Twitter messages or YouTube videos, can appear in the SERPs, and
there is a growing indication of social influence on search rankings. Google’s
realtime search returns almost exclusively socially shared results.

 - Use social media properties to dominate brand SERPs .
 When someone searches for your brand name, you can use your
social media properties to “own” more of the results on that page.
Use your brand name when naming Twitter and Flickr profiles, and
Facebook and YouTube pages.

- Social links are used as signals of relevance.   
Links from social sites such as Twitter include “rel=nofollow”.
However, there is a strong indication that these links are in fact
followed by search engines, and are used to determine relevance. If
you focus on creating great content on your site and making sure that
it is easy to share socially, you should see a result in your SEO efforts.

 - Personalised results are influenced by your online social network.
If you are logged in to a social network while searching (Facebook
for Bing, or logged in to Google with your Gmail Google Account), you
could see results from or influenced by your social circle. In Bing, for
instance, results can include indications of what your friends have
previously liked or shared via Facebook. On Google, you might be
more likely to see your friend’s blog for relevant searches.

3# Youtube videos optimization:

This is an interesting topic, I will give you some tips to rank your YouTube videos.
 The list below show you some guideline to respect :

  • Video Title: should be under 66 characters and oriented tell the visitor about your video. If you want to include your brand name in the title, it should go last.
  • Video Description: A maximum of 800 words are allowed within the description. Do not leave it blank, put additional information, keywords and key phrases also you can put your link.
  • Meta tag: When tagging your YouTube video, think of unique tags that include your keyword phrases.
  • Captions : This help YouTube to well know the content of your video I recommend you to use this functionality.
  • 'Face' video : Trust me YouTube likes videos which content faces, for example, if you want to make a review about a product I recommend you to show your face while recording the video.
  • Also don't forget to take a look at Youtube Keyword tool
Optimize Your YouTube Channel : In this section I will give you a list of guidelines to respect :
  • Link your YouTube channel to other social account, e.g Facebook, Twitter ...
  • Choose a good description for your channel.
  • Try YouTube partner program.
  • Choose a nice Icon and add a YouTube channel art.
 Finally, the list below show you some 'black' technics to avoid :
  •   Avoid hidden text or hidden links.
  •  Don’t use cloaking or sneaky redirects.
  •  Don’t send automated queries to Google.
  •  Don’t load pages with irrelevant keywords.
  •  Don’t create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with substantially duplicate content.
  •  Don’t create pages with malicious behaviour, such as phishing or installing viruses, trojans, or other badware.
  •  Avoid “doorway” pages created just for search engines or other “cookie cutter” approaches such as affiliate programmes with little or no original content.
  •  If your site participates in an affiliate programme, make sure that your site adds value. Provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.
  •  Avoid link farms and focus on attracting quality, valuable links.

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On page SEO optomozation

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Black Hat SEO & Techniques to avoid

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What is Black Hat SEO ? And some Black Hat SEO  Techniques to avoid.
Simply, Black Hat SEO can be defined as  using aggressive SEO methods and strategies to improve your website ranking . By using those methods and strategies you can improve your website ranking but not forever.

Why Black hat SEO techniques  are disallowed ?

Naturally, if you use aggressive methods, that means your SEO competition is based on fraud. Moreover those techniques centering on search engine and not a human audience.  Indeed there some Black Hat SEO we can use as a White hat SEO but with simple differences.

Some Black Hat SEO techniques to avoid :
This is not the full list, there is other methods which you can discover. Notwithstanding,  I recommend you to stay away.  Alternatively, use White hat SEO and build your website step by step.

 Cloaking :
 It means to show a different content one for search engine and the other for visitors . In other words it means showing a web page to search engine different from audience web page. Sometime, hiding a heavy file (Flash, Multimedia ...) can be classified as a Black Hat SEO.

Mirror Websites :
The mirror Webstes technique is link more than one domain name to the similar content . The alternative is making redirect.

 Duplicate content :
Simply, Don't insert a copied content without a source link or authorization.

Hidden content :
 It means to show a content (text, link ...) for search engine spider which is not visible to users.

Page with ADS only :
This is to say a website without content but full of ADS.

Automatically generated content :
It means to make your website generate content for itself. Usually the generated content is not coherent. So, your content must be handmade or be revised.

Keyword stuffing :

Don't fill the page with a lot of repeated keywords and don't use unrelated keywords.

Page Swapping :
If you have a web page indexed and ranked, don't change the page entirely.

Unnatural / Paid links :
Usually it means to exchange backlinks or to buy backlinks.

Spammy Footer Links :
It means to put an unrelated keyword link which no utility for the audience .

Spammy Comments :
It means to comment on  others blogs  randomly and those blogs have no relation to your website content. This technique can be based on a software which generate random comment.  To get a quality backlinks don't use expressions like these : (thanks, nice ...) on comments .